The craft of the two hands

princess dress

Ask me if I like this dress! Go on, ask me! 🙂

The dress is alright, so are many others on tidebuy but I am really interested in the handmade embroidery part.

Which is why I made some research on the topic and found out :

1. This sort of needlework dates back to 5th century BC in faraway China and it started as a mere necessity of mending the tore pieces of clothing or reinforcing them.

2.The technique used is basically the same as it was at the beginning, the design can be stitched in either on top of the fabric or through it and the materials needed are easy to find,regardless if its classic  thread work or it includes pearls,beads or sequins.

3.Embroidered clothing, religious and household items were considered a sign of wealth and high social status in Persia, India, Japan, Medieval and Baroque Europe and my guess is that this more or less silent and default rule still exists in many countries.

4.Along with the industrial revolution came the automation of some labours and in consequence one of the first embroidery machines (still seconded by women) saw light of day in the mid-1800s.

In Romania, my home country,embroidery is used for decorating the national costumes and I’m happy to discover that the traditional “ia” has made as a fashion trend.

The type of embroidery I’m interested in also involves much creativity in designing patterns and whole pictures at timesand is also a bit more difficult.It’s called the tambour embroidery.You can find out more about techniques, materials and patterns here.