About Luana

Hello! I’m LuanaLuana.

To describe myself real quick I should say that I’m a very calm person, dog lover, bow tie maker, tiramisu eater, beginner in the art of yoga and I have a keen interest in space and it’s (lack of) frontiers.

If you think that was just a bunch of words just thrown out there, you should see what’s inside my highly imaginative creative,  mind. 🙂
I like finding out new things and always learning and improving myself and the bit of world surrounding me.

This is what I will try to do through this site/blog: learn and share what I’ve learned with you,of course having fun in the process.

My latest passion is HANDMADE and DIY, especially accessories, since I’ve recently discovered my stylish feminine side (no, I haven’t always been like this; in highschool I was the girl with thick eyebrows and jeans that never quite fit).

In the goals list I could mention becoming successful within this lifetime. 😉

In the achievements list goes : never breaking a bone, surviving a great heartbreak,having sarcasm and (self)irony at hand, proudly owning a Pekingese.

The optimist in me knows embarking on this journey was a great decision (it also knocked the pessimist in me unconscious,so…).

As you can see, the vibe I’m setting for this hangout place of mine is a friendly one and I hope you will help me to keep it this way by being as open, polite and caring when dropping in and communicating with me and amongst yourselves.

Happy to meet all of you and looking forward to having fun together. 😀


P.S. Blog image courtesy of http://www.dreamstime.com/ .

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