Nesting done right

As time goes by and we evolve as a species and maintain our position at the top of the food chain, our concern for providing the basic roof over our heads, food for our stomach and cloth to cover our nakedness has become a quest for a bigger, fancier shelter/crib,exquisite and pretty looking food, more(or less) comfortable and fashionable outfits.In consequence, man has developed and perfected the skills and tools needed to make all of the above happen at an easier and faster pace than ever before.

Let’s talk house building, for example. The materials used are various and range from easy to find to “unobtainium” and the process of raising a house from the ground has been sped up a great deal.Technology has helped man ease the manual labour and make even the craziest and bold architecture plans possible.So we now have houses that have their own operating system, houses with walls that talk to you and recognize you as the house owner,houses that become more and more alive.

We make a house a home by filling it with our lives.

We love the concept of “home” because  it’s the place where we can be ourselves and sing in the shower,walk around naked and play our favourite song loud.It’s the place where you hang not only your coat at the entrance but you also shed the daily “wordly dust” from your shoulders and feel safe yet again.Also home is the place you share with your family and friends, it’s the space that holds memories dear to you.

Building a great house is not the same as building a great home.

In this vast concrete/iron/aluminum/glass  dominated scenario, it’s refreshing to find different,out of the box and back to the roots type of thinking and doing.

What on earth am i talking about?And what does it have to do with handmade?

Well, i’m so glad you asked because i was just dying to share this with you.

It’s handmade house edition.




I have recently stumbled upon this amazing site called Natural homes (their facebook ) and have simply been mesmerised ever since.


House made of straw bale in Italy









I’ve already begun making a plan for my hobbit house in Tuscany…in my head.

I invite you to take a look and let me know if you were as enchanted as i was and still am.

Love comes from the reptilian core of the brain ?!?!

This is the ultimate handmade! This is the thing we bring to ourselves and search for and even manufacture when anything else failed.The force, the field, the sun and moon, the drug, the happiness and disgrace all in one teaspoon of sugar.

My gift to you is a TED talk.Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s!

Handmade 101

Hi, my name is Luana and I'm addicted to handmade.:D

Even if this interest in handmade accessories and fashion is rather new, I only now realize that it has always been present in such an undercover way that I didn’t even notice it. So looking back at my childhood I can now remember tCrafthe sheer joy I felt after  I made a dress from a handkerchief for my doll, which has previously gotten a haircut at the most fabulous salon,my backyard.Or when I improvised a stroller for my dog from an old box and plastic bottles for wheels.

In a nutshell, as a child I made many (more or less) helpful things with my hands.Yes, I had a blissful,carefree, awesome childhood in a small town in the mountains,where Turbo chewing gum was the greatest invention known to man and also reason for many friendships falling apart, where playing basketball and hide and seek all day long happened outside,in nature-land and where customs,values and politeness were still cherished.

So today, the exact day I turn 26, my greatest gift is getting back to my roots(virtually, at least)  and acknowledging that all I’ve done so far brought me to where I am and made me who I am.It’s like looking back on the road you’re walking and seeing all the milestones you’ve passed.It’s also looking ahead and seeing all the crossroads and checkpoints waiting patiently.

I would like to use this first post to set a habit, the habit of learning something new or fixing in screws some old knowledge we already had.Understand that by no means am I smarter or more experienced than any of you, but it happens that I often read something or watch a video and I think to myself “wow, I can totally relate to that”.And I’d love it if that (or even the opposite of that) happened here too, in this great environment for exchanging ideas and experiences.Expressing an opinion is highly encouraged and sharing a thought,feeling or idea, anything for that matter, is highly valued as long as it’s done in a respectful peaceful way.

Here comes the first lightning bolt of the brainstorm!

The idea/lesson I’d like to emphasize for today has to do with children,our means of surviving the trial of centuries.

Since I’m not a mother myself I can’t say I have much knowledge about raising a child but I do have some ideas about how I would like to PROPERLY raise my own, someday.I caps-ed “properly” because as I see it, there are 2 ways to raise your child:the easy way and the proper way.I won’t get into much detail about that now (but if you have ideas or suggestions related to this topic, feel free to leave a comment below); I’d only like to emphasize on the importance of working with your hands in the process of growing up.Not only in kindergarten or in school but also at home.Maybe some don’t like to have their children in the kitchen while cooking, or leave them around sewing kits but it was proven to be a good thing involving children in the household activities, this way they learn about responsibility and are so proud of doing something themselves.

I found an interesting TED Talk that speaks about something similar that I would like to share with you.

I remember when my grandma made these awesome cakes and I would have the corner of the table to myself and made my own cake,ugly and uninspiring at first but getting better and better with practice.Perhaps you think your daughter shall be a lawyer or CEO or any type of career woman and she doesn’t have to learn how to cook or fool around with flour and dough, but I think it has nothing to do with it.”Worst” case scenario the daughter or son will find out they love cooking or baking and would want to pursue a career in that.Another thing that could happen is  that they truly have no interest in it, which is also good because now they have the time and will to pursue something else.Still, you have the satisfaction of spending some time with your children and they for sure will remember those times with a smile on their face.

Also here is a list of about 500 art things parents could do with their children.

By the way, did you ever make a mini-cake with your grandma?:)

Can’t wait to read your input on this matter or any other matter, for that matter and also if you have any experiences or ideas, leave them bellow in the comments section or email me directly at